Monetize 10 times or more on your existing channels

Welcome to One Two All Ltd. the first real-together TV company, allowing users to share their TV with other users around the world.


Is your OTT service growing?
Are you engaged in a price war with the competition?

What if we told you that you could increase your revenue stream with minimal investment and beat your competition while doing that?
We are thrilled to present One2All.TV is an innovative and captivating platform designed to revolutionize the way users consume and interact with content.

With a focus on delivering an exceptional user experience, One2All.TV offers users the possibility to watch their favorite channels together with their friends online and interact with them in a Virtual Living Room.

Inviting friends to enjoy channels and Video-on-Demand (VoD) has never been so rewarding!

With our ground-breaking Micro Billing system, external viewers will be billed exclusively for the specific content they choose to view. Isn’t it beautiful? The user extending the invite will receive a share of the income, creating a win-win scenario. However, the real star here is YOU, the Operator, as the lion’s share of the additional revenue lands straight into your pocket.

Users can invite their friends to watch any channels/VoD together with them and using our innovative Blockchain Micro Billing system we will charge the new users ONLY for the specific content shared. The inviting user will make some % of the income while the majority of the extra income goes to YOU, the Operator.

This powerful multi-level marketing tool will assure fast growth of your paying customer base, without the need to add content or reduce prices.


Share TV – expands your reach to new heights, unlocks boundless engagement with an audience that spans the globe, and amplifies your brand’s visibility. Interactivity features such as live chats, videos, and user-generated content create an immersive and engaging experience for viewers.
By partnering with One2All.TV, our clients gain a competitive edge, providing their users with a captivating and interactive content experience that sets them apart from the competition.

Differentiation: One2All.TV is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive OTT market.
Our app offers a unique value proposition by transforming linear content in the same way Netflix revolutionized video-on-demand content. In a market saturated with OTT platforms, One2All.

TV stands out by providing an innovative approach to content consumption.

Abundant Content:
One2All.TV can host a vast number of channels and VoD content (practically unlimited capacity), catering to various interests and demographics.

More users and more channels with less server power – One2All bring the only truly distributed architecture where users participate in content distribution from their own devices. Content is activated only when viewed, to optimize server power.

Roaming Channels:
With One2All.TV you can list Thousands of incoming Roaming channels from other Operators WITHOUT additional resources. You can tag your Channel as enabled for outgoing roaming, allowing other operators to list your channels and increasing your revenue stream

One2All.TV solution is available on TV,
Android, iOS and VR.

Unique Virtual User Experience

Approach users on the Metaverse VR world with our amazing VR User Interface

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